Monday, April 1, 2013

Makin Lemonade...Tryin Anyways

When life gives you lemons...

I know that they say you should make lemonade when life deals you a handful of lemons, but I’m sick of drinking this Kool Aid!!! I thought for sure 2013 would be a better year; it just had a bumpy start. Well looks like the cards being dealt are not playable right now. 

March 29th was supposed to be my first day of spring break, the sun was going to be out and it was going to be in the fifties again!!! Yippie!!! NOT!!!
I spent the first 4 hours at an animal hospital putting my 10 1/2 year old golden retriever down. It started with a massive seizure that never ended. My Sadie girl started having seizures back in 2008, the same year I bought my house. Maybe I just should have stayed put!!!

Life has been really hard these past 13 months and losing my best friend has not made it an easier.  I stick my hand out to pet her in the morning; I expect to fill 2 bowls of food instead of just one.  My walk with our other pup is not a happy content time, but is sad because there is only one.

Last May we lost my 2 1/2 year old golden unexpectedly.  That was hard.  I go upstairs to get ready to go to the gym and I come back down and she is no longer with me.  What I had to do on Friday was even harder…we had to make the choice.  I am wondering what I am doing wrong, have my actions or words been unkind?  Is this a test?  How much more pain and sorrow am I going to be dealt?

I know that Sadie and Joy were just dogs, but they were my buddies, my friends, my family.  It is amazing how much you love someone and how much it hurts when they are gone.  I have to hold my head up high, I have to remember all of the good times I had with them.

Joy Joy at her finest…

Being a cuddle bug

Just being plain old sweet

Not letting me go out for a run

Being a bully

Sadie doing what she did best…

Making the most out of a long car ride

Hogging the heat in the dead of winter

Stealing my coat to sleep on it

Taking over the bed with Fiona

So some happy thoughts about Sadie & Joy…
         *sadie LOVED bananas
*Joy LOVED to cuddle
         *Sadie was great with children
         *Joy stole your heart
         *Sadie made the perfect Therapy Dog
         *Joy was your best girlfriend
         *Sadie was super sneaky
         *Joy could clear a room
         *Sadie always wanted to sleep on our bed instead of her own
         *Joy stole the couch
         *They both always made themselves comfortable no matter what
         *Sadie always knew when to beg for food…and I mean always!!!
         *Joy could find a pear in the thickest of grass
         *They were my best friends
         *They were my family

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and I dedicate this post to all of us who have loved and lost their best friend.



  1. Reading this with tears and remembering the "kids" I've lost also. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    1. Thanks Kathie, I had tears writing it and re-reading it as well.