Thursday, April 11, 2013

Senses Overload!!!

After a long day of teaching my lovely first graders and running around town trying to solicit donations, I come home sleepy and exhausted.  Taking a week off has really worn me out.  As I approach the door my senses are over taken by a wonderful smell.  

I cannot believe that just walking up to the porch I can smell dinner through the door.  The joys of a hundred year old house!!! As I walk into the kitchen I see it!!! My favorite appliance...The Crock-Pot!!! 

So what you might be asking is, what is in this wonderful contraption?  The yummiest, simplest, comfort foodiest, pot roast you can think of.  How is it that the over-whelming tiredness is gone and my stomach begins to rumble when the sweet scent hits my nostrils?

I am a true hater of cooked carrots and celery so Smalls is awesome at cutting them up either small enough I do not notice them (out of sight out of mind) or so big I can eat around them; and I am huge lover of meat and potatoes (red skins of course).

I cannot wait to dig into this yummy comfort food dish!!! It will be perfect on this cold and rainy day...we are only on day number 4 of inside recess!!!  Happy eating everyone!!!



  1. We have the same crock pot!! LOL Love mine and have been using it more and more since I've been working so much.

    And the recess thing has got to stop!! LOL

  2. We got it for our wedding and this is the first time we have pulled it out!!! I saw that next week is all rain too : ( kids are going to be stir crazy!!!

    Thanks for reading

  3. Firstly, I love your door knob.

    Secondly, Crockpots are one of the best inventions since peanut butter. Amazing. Wonderful. Brilliant.

    Thirdly, I hope you get to relax a bit. Kids and rain and subscriptions, oh my!