Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY - Tutulicious

Again this is another post that I did not get from Pinterest but I know a quick search on there or on Google you will find a million DIY tutorials on how to make one.  So I thought I would join the club and make one too.  So how did I learn how to make this crafty “skirt”?  Well now that you have asked I would love to share...one day taking my sweet little students to the LMC for parent pick-up, I see a mom easily making a tutu.  I mean come on she is sitting at a kid-sized table whipping this baby out!!!  So once my students are safely secure with their parents I bombard her with questions...how are you doing that, what do you need, is it really that easy, do you have to sew to make one?  Her responses went something like this.. ”Well you go like this and then like this and do this, you need tulle and elastic or ribbon, and yes it really is that easy, and there is no sewing involved.  Say what? A no sew project that I can wear!!! Whoot whoot!!! I think I just struck gold!!!

I was never taught how to sew and nor did I ever aspire to want to learn.  But I have learned over the past few  years months I like crafting and sewing might come in handy.  So now that I know how to make one of these awesome wearable items I need to make one and make one now!!!  But when does a 30 year old need to wear a tutu?  Halloween maybe? Totally bumming that I now have this fun project and no one to make it for :  ( Then Smalls and I decided to do The Happiest 5k on the Planet and boom I now have a reason to make a tutu!  Why would you not wear a tutu running in the happiest race in the worldt?

So now its time to get a making this baby and boy is it easy. 
Okay what you need is:
         -tulle (any color you want), I used about one and half 25 yards spools of white
         -elastic or ribbon (I used elastic)
         -and Velcro or needle and thread if you use elastic

***You will need to cut stripes of tulle to your liking.  Remember you fold them in half.  Just ask yourself, long tutu or short?

I know I said there was no sewing involved and there doesn’t have to be if you use ribbon or Velcro.  I wanted to use elastic because I thought it would be better for running, but ribbon will work just fine. I started out using self adhesive Velcro but it kept getting in my way (sticking to the tulle) and it ended up falling off.  So I safety pinned it while making it and then put a few stiches in it to connect the ends together.  Luckily I know how to sew a button on.  What made this project so easy for me is that I tie my scarves on the same way you “tie” the tulle on. So you pretty much just follow the pictures below and voila your have yourself a tutu!!!

I hope you find the same kind of silly enjoyment I got out of making this tutu.  I know tutus are for little girls but we all have a child somewhere in us : ) I hope I get to make another one soon and maybe get to add a little bit of color next time.  Have you done any fun easy projects that bring the child out in you?  Would love to hear all about them!!!


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  1. That is awesome and made my day seeing you in a tutu!!!!