Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Random Wednesday..Shower Talk

So here I sit with a towel on my wet head to tell you why I dislike taking showers.  I know this seems crazy and way out of sorts, but I do not care!!!  So here you go...the reasons I do not like to shower:

-       I hate having to step out of a hot steamy bathroom into a cold hallway (cold months)
-       Still sweating after a cold shower (hot months)
-       Getting soap in my eye
-       Shaving my legs
-       Washing my hair
-       Clinging on for dear life when I almost eat-it getting out of the tub
-       Getting soap in my mouth...yuck
-       Fingers turning into prunes
-       Drying my wet hair
-       Still being damp in the places I didn’t towel off enough while getting dressed
-       Having the whole process take up my precious time
-       Running out of shampoo/conditioner/body soap
-       Singing off key (that’s how soap gets in my mouth)
-       Losing hot water
-       Looking into a mirror and seeing Rocky Raccoon in the reflection

So there is it my reasons why I do not like bathing.  Yep something that is supposed to be refreshing is actually work for me.  I mean do not get me wrong I love to be clean and smell like flowers and sunshine but I wish I could choose one...either always be clean or sit in a hot bubble bath drinking a nice glass of wine all day.  Which one would you choose?

I just want to apologize for the crazy random post.  We started back to school on Monday and those first graders have made me a little loopy.  I would love to have just come home, put my comfy clothes on and drink a bottle glass of wine, but no... I had to come home and wash all of the boogers off.  Hope everyone is having a great week.



  1. That is hysterical!!!! I to dislike the time and effort it takes to get clean. On the weekends I will wait until almost noon because I dread it!

    1. Thanks Kathie!!! I have become so lazy I only wash my hair twice a week!!! Lucky me I have good hair. Thanks again for reading and glad I could make your night!!!


  2. For me it really depends on the day, the weather, what's for breakfast, what's on Netflix streaming, my nail polish color, and/or various other factors that somehow seem extremely important at the moment. But I love showers. I love the warm water (even in the middle of a hot summer!), and the singing, and the relaxing. I do NOT, however, appreciate shaving. Lame sauce. If men get to wear beards and expect to be kissed, then women should be able to wear leg beards and expect to be ... what would be the equivalent of a kiss? A leg kiss? What does that even mean? And apparently my comment is just as random as your post.

    Have a glorious day!

    1. Natashya you don't even wanna know my shave schedule!!! I love hot showers but I hate everything else that goes with them!!! Loved reading your random comment!!!