Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Uh Oh...We Are In Trouble Now!!!

So I have some exciting news!!! I am happy to announce that our oven is FIXED!!!  Yippie!!!

Sorry if you were expecting some other kind of news.  But to us this is pretty exciting!!! See it has been months that our range has sat in our kitchen unplugged.

Here is the backstory...
One evening Smalls had made dinner and it was all cleaned up and we were relaxing on the couch.  I got up to let the dogs out and walked by the oven and realized it was still on and it was HOT!!!  I mean to hot to touch; things were getting ready to melt.  It was pretty scary to think that I could bake pottery in my Maytag oven!!!  Smalls said he turned it off and according to the screen he was right. Hmmmm...we were in a bit of a conundrum.  So I pulled the plug on the oven and let it cool off.  After a few hours it was nice and cold so I plugged it back it.  Bad idea. As soon as it was plugged in, it turned back on.  Yep our oven was possessed or haunted. So needless to say we have been living with a non-correctly working oven for months...that was until Thursday.  Last week our gas company sent a nice man out to fix it.  Oh thank goodness!!!  Best part about this story...Smalls knew exactly what was wrong with the oven and what piece needed to be replaced.  The only reason we didn't do it ourselves you ask?  We could not order the right color part!!! Yep we have a white oven and the only color we could get it in was black.  I think there might be some kind of conspiracy there!!!

So now that everything is in working order...means you will be seeing a lot more post from me!!!  Yep I got one of my "loves" back and that would be BAKING!!!  To break the oven in nice and slowly, I started with a simple "Dump Cherry Cobbler".  I got the idea to try this cobbler from Bonnie who blogs over at Life of Bon.  She made hers with peaches, you can check Bonnie's out here.  I don't really like peaches so I decided to try mine with cherries.

So this is a super simple, easy-peasy recipe.  

You need 3 things:
-yellow cake mix
-canned fruit of your liking
-1 stick of butter

First dump the canned fruit on the bottom of your 8x8 or 9x9 pan.  I did not grease my pan.  The cherries came in a syrup and I just dumped it all.  Next layer the cake mix on top of your fruit.  Make sure not to stir or mix them together.  It should look something like this...

Now cut your butter into slices and evenly spread out on top of the cake mix.

Then just put it in your oven and bake for 40-45 minutes at 350 degrees.  When its done it will have a nice golden brown, crunchy crust.  

Cool for as long as you can handle and then dish some out and top with vanilla ice cream!!! Lastly ENJOY!!!

This was super yummy for being super simple.  I have pinned so many yummy looking/sounding recipes that I cannot wait to make them.  You guys might get sick and tired of all the desserts I will be posting about...but you have now been warned!!! Hope you are having a nice week!!!


P.S. This cobbler would be fantastic for breakfast!!!  Trust me!!! ; )


  1. I would like this but with blueberries or maybe even apples. YUM!!!

    1. Kathie,

      You can make it with blueberries the same way I made it with cherries. For apples I am sure it would be good but I have a phenomenal recipe for apple crisp. You will just have to wait until fall to get that one from me though ; )

  2. My favorite version of this I make often in the fall per Sean's request- it's called the great pumpkin dessert!!!! OMG! Canned pumpkin mixed with some things then make like a dump cake. So so good!