Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ending To Start Over Again...

Oh boy life has been cray cray for me!!!  It is the end of the year and everything seems to be a hot mess right now!!!  All of last week I had to assess me sweet little peanuts and see their growth throughout the year.  I would have to say they worked their little butts off.  Once they were done taking the tests I had to grade them.  I would like to say that I was able to do all of the grading at school during my prep hour but those are non-existent right now.  It has been meeting after meeting.  Oh how I love meetings!!! 

I spent every night this week grading and entering scores.  It has been total fun around here!!!  My kiddos took 6 assessments (and they are only 6 years old) in the course of a week.  I needed to check their reading scores and see if they are on grade level, I needed to assess what they learned in math with 2 different assessments, they had to do a writing prompt, they had to take a district screener for literacy and I gave them a vocabulary assessment.  Lucky for them (or me) one of the math tests they had to take was on an iPad so it felt more like gaming than testing and I did not have to grade that.  The screener we use in our district is also just put into an online program, so that is pretty easy peasy.

Here are the babies I had to bring home!!!

Tuesday and Wednesday this week were devoted to grading and entering scores into the computer.  Off they go onto the World Wide Web.   I separated them into piles and got to work.  Once one pile was checked and entered I moved onto the next one...

Thursday was a whole new ball of wax!!!  It was time to take all of this information and do report cards.  This is what it looked like when Smalls got home!!!

You want to know what a great hubby I have?  Look at what he placed down in front of me.  I was so involved with what I was doing I did not even know it was time to eat.

My week only gets better from there!!! Yesterday I had this pretty little letter sitting in my mailbox.

It is my assignment for next year (tentative).  Whoot whoot I am teaching first grade again!!! Yippee!!! I do not have to pack and move this year; I just have to put everything away.  I also had this list sitting under the letter.

Here is my class list for next year (tentative).  I cannot believe the year of their graduation!!! Gosh I am getting old!!!

Last night was a night of celebration and time off.  Smalls and I went to see “Now You See Me” and indulged on popcorn and frozen Cokes.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


P.S. What I mean by tentative is, everything has the possibility of changing next year.  I am pretty sure I will be teaching first grade again but who knows.

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  1. YEAH!!!!! So glad that you finally can stay put. Congratulations!!!