Friday, June 21, 2013

Where is the damn umbrella!?!

Drink in hand, summer has officially started, weekend underway, sunny days... Now where the heck is my umbrella? Smalls whipped up this yummy drink that he heard about from this great restaurant The Root, it’s called “The Housewives of White Lake”.  It’s simple all natural ingredients make it even more yummy!!!  So what does this watermelon colored adult iced beverage have in it?

2 cucumber slices
8 raspberries
lemon wedge
lime wedge
orange wedge
quarter cup simple syrup
3oz. vodka
*makes about 10 oz.

Okay so once you round up these simple items, you need to muddle all of the fruit together.  Once everything is nice and smashed add the syrup.  You are essentially making a pulpy fruit aid.  Next mix in the vodka; you can add in however much you want I just put 3oz. to be responsible.  Then add ice!!!  This yummy drink reminds me of a citrus watermelon jucie.  I do not like pulpy drinks (i.e. OJ) so Smalls nicely strained mine for me.

What makes this drink so awesome?  Skip the vodka and you have a great refreshing drink to sip at all times of the day.  Hope everyone is has a great weekend.



  1. that's too funny....the pulp suddenly made the drink so much more appealing to me! I guess I love the fresh factor :)