Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Shredding For Gold

Ok my dear readers I have a friend visiting today!!! Her name is Josie and I have known her for oh I don’t know 8 years now.  I was her cross country and track & field coach back in the day.  She now lives in sunny California and is doing amazing things.  She is a master of this summer challenge I am doing.  She is stopping by to tell you a little bit about them.  With no further adieu here is Josie...

Hi Andi’s readers! I’m Josie and I am a stay at home/work at home mom living in the San Francisco Bay Area. My passion for fitness led me to become a coach for Beachbody in March of this year. I was finally able to do something I love, while helping other people reach their fitness goals, and living an extremely active lifestyle.  So now let me tell you about my newest adventure...


Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition, or belonging to an awesome team? How often have you set fitness goals, and then let them slip over the summer? I know I’ve been there and done that. 

This summer is different though! Why, you ask? Let me introduce you to my rocking Summer Games team: Josie and the Shred Cats!! (go ahead and laugh at the name now;) )

So, what are the Summer Games? They are simply, a two-month challenge put on by some seriously passionate beach body coaches! Lindsey and Jeremy, from Shredding Wonderland, created this challenge to help keep us motivated and focused in the summer months. Robb and Chelsea, from Shrednation, have joined forces with Shredding Wonderland to help host The Games.

Each week, the hosts will introduce a new challenge. We as a team will be fighting to win the top spot on the podium, as well as bragging rights and other exclusive prizes!
There are going to be some pretty exceptional teams competing  (25 to be exact!!!) Quite frankly, I believe I have the greatest team of them all! I’ve got Andi and her husband Smalls as some pretty rocking sidekicks, along with two other extremely driven ladies ready to blow the competition out of the water!! 

So, if you were feeling down that the Summer Olympics are 3 years away (I know I cry myself to sleep at night over this thought), dry those tears and come cheer on some pretty amazing, inspiring teams as we shred for the Gold. You can find ‘Josie and the Shred Cats’ on Instagram by following @southbayfitmama or on Facebook @Southbayfitmama. We will be documenting the games, our progress and the fun to be had, as we strive to be the best in the summer games! Make sure to stop by and cheer us on! Thanks Andi for letting me hang out!

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