Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shredding Wonderland--Diving Board Week 3

It is a new week so do you know what that means?!?  Yep, Week 3 of the “Shredding Wonderland – Summer Games”.  This week’s challenge is the “Diving Board” challenge.  So what exactly is the “Diving Board” challenge?  Well to put it simply it is to plank until your arms fall off!!!  

Unlike last week this challenge is not up my ally and it will be EXTREMLY hard!!!  I have the weakest core around.

So what we need to do is plank for as many minutes as we can.  I do not have a clue as to what my goal should be for this week, so I am just going to wing it!!!  We also need to find crazy places to plank.  Here is the craziest place I could find ;)

As for last week’s “Going the Distance” challenge…we WON!!!  We accumulated 141.5 miles as a team!!! 

Smalls and I clocked 95 miles together…

And I ran…

As well as walked another 7.  I was pretty sore and I got two nasty blisters.  The best part of this challenge ending is I officially start my ING NYC Marathon training!!! It is never ending.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


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