Sunday, July 7, 2013

MIA & Other Ramblings...

Just thought I would stop in and say “hi”.  I know I have been M.I.A. this past week but with the holiday and training, I’ve been working hard outside of blogland.  I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much.  So what have I been doing?

I officially started my marathon training last Sunday and it was fun putting it together.  If you are interested in seeing my training schedule here you go.  

Marathon Training Schedule

Nothing to exciting and it is geared for someone who has run long distances before and/or someone who seems to be injury prone (i.e. me).  It seems over the past few years I get left foot injuries and it really puts a wrinkle in my training. So what am I doing differently? I joined a gym…Planet Fitness (couldn’t pass up their $10/month membership) and scheduled doctor appointments.  Next week I am off to see my foot doctor for some new orthotics and the chiropractor to get aligned.  I am trying to take every precautionary step.  Keep your fingers crossed for an injury-free marathon season.

We had a pretty low-key 4th.  Our town had a fair and firework show, so we decided to go check it out.  We had fun being kids again on the ferris wheel

and enjoyed a small town’s firework display.

I will check in tomorrow with this week’s new challenge and a recap of all our planking.  Hope you had a nice weekend and 4th and I will see you tomorrow ;)



  1. $10 a month?!?!? Jealous! Wish we had one around here!! And good luck on your training for your marathon! I did a half back in April and I don't think I could ever to a full.

    1. If you had the mind set to do a half then you can push yourself to do a full. You just need time and patience. It also nice to have someone do it with you, either by running and training together or a cheerleader to help you get out of bed on Sunday morning. If you really want to do one start with a goal. If you need some help please email ( me and I would be glad to give you some guidance.

      Thanks for reading ;)