Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shredding Wonderland--Going the Distance Week 2


Week 2 is fully underway and it has been FUN!!! This week challenge is “Going the Distance”.  Yep how many miles can you log?  Luckily this challenge is right up my ally. With 23 years of running behind me, competitive running both at the high school and college level, coaching high school cross country and track and with 7 marathons under my belt...I think I got this.  I would love to help carry my team to the gold this week.

I have a goal, but I am not sure if I should say it out loud and put it out there.  But here it goal is to run 60 miles this week, which would be 12 miles a day.  I believe I have the time to clock those miles during the day, early morning run, late morning run, late afternoon or evening run.  What do you think?  Is this a doable goal?

Today was a hot one and I needed to go for a little dip in the “doggie pool” to cool off!!!

We not only get points for clocking the most miles but also for our creativity.  Here are some fun bib numbers I made for the challenge.  

I also filmed this fun mock video for a few extra brownie points.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.  Oh and I consumed 806 ounces of water last week, which equals out to 6.2 gallons.  Needless to say, the porcelain throne was my BFF.


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