Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tutu Withdrawal...

 HELP!!!  I am falling into a dark hole and don’t know if I will be able to find my way out!!!  I have found a new love...and that would be tulle.  Yep, you read that correctly I LOVE TULLE. I have been a tutu-making machine lately and now it has now come to a complete STOP.  What am I to do?

 I got to make some awesome tutus for my nieces and I am so excited about them that I could not wait a month to show them off.  Yes I promise to not break my arm by patting myself on the back ; ) So here they are in all of their puffiness!!!

These babies took some time and a butt load of tulle, but they were so worth it, mostly because whom they were made for.  I then got an offer to make one for the daughter of one of the ladies I work with.  So this one had to be totally girly with pink, purple, pink and purple.  What 5 year old would not love to twirl in this?  I kind of wished I did it the way I did my niece’s tutus but I am still loving it.

So now what you might ask what am I doing?

Yep I am in a total withdrawal!!!  If you would like to help a girl out just let me know what color and size you want : D Hope you are having a wonderful week.


P.s. In all seriousness if you would like a tutu I am thinking of starting a little side biz of making them.  What is the best thing about my tutus?  Not only are they made with fun at heart but also with the wallet in mind!!! Let me know.

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