Saturday, April 6, 2013

I say potato you say potato...

Ok here is the yummy, healthier potato salad recipe we used for Tiger’s Opening day.  It was a big hit and I think we should have made more but we only had a few eggs and red skins when we decided to make it.  That is what I love about the pretty much have everything in your kitchen, you can make it in about 20 minutes and it semi-healthy.  Score!!!

Okay here is what you need:
-       6 red skins -- cooked (medium size)
-       3 hard boiled eggs
-       1/2 celery stalk  -- raw
-       1/2 white onion -- raw
-       1/4 cup Italian parsley
-       2 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil
-       1 tablespoon mustard
-       Salt n’ pepper

** serves about 4-6

Okay now here is how to make it:
First cut up the red skins (leave the skins on) and boil until tender, about ten minutes.  Once tender remove from pot and run under cool water and then let cool completely.  Next, or at the same time if you have the pots and organizational skills, boil your eggs.  Then in that eleven minutes finely chop the celery stalk, white onion and Italian parley. When your eggs are done (make sure they are completely cooled), finely chop them as well.  Then throw everything into a mixing bowl and give it a good toss.  Add the extra virgin olive oil and mustard and give it a good ole shake.  Then sprinkle or dump your choice, salt and pepper for taste and give another toss. You are going to keep tossing it until everything looks good and mixed.  You want to be carful not to smash and smooth out your potatoes and eggs, this salad is clumpy. Once its mixed refrigerate for at least 3 hours but overnight would be better.

Well that’s it!!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as our tailgate party did.  Let me know what you think, or if you jazzed it up a bit.



  1. Sounds yummy!!!! I'm going to have to try it.

    1. It is Kathie. I will have to make one time for work...maybe the next Lunch for the Bunch.


  2. I was looking forward to this recipe. :) It is looking mighty fine. Red skins are my favorite kind of potatoes.

    1. I <3 me some red skins too!!! Keep reading I have more recipes to come ; )