Friday, April 5, 2013

Batter up....

It is finally here!!! Baseball season has begun and it started with a bang!!!  Our beloved Detroit Tigers began their season in the Twin Cities for their first 3 games.  Then on Friday, April 5th they came home to play the Yankees.  It is like a national holiday, opening day!!!  And oh man what a beautiful day we had.  I think I even got a little sun burnt ; )

We started it off early with an 8:30 am tailgate. Smalls and I had “breakfast” on our drive into the city.  Gotta love protein smoothies and coffee to start off such a great day.  And who doesn’t love to drink their breakfast?  

We got ourselves parked and unpacked ready to have a fabulous 5 hours before the first pitch.  We get the grills heated, the koozies filled and the toilet paper set; we were ready to rumble!!!  My favorite part of the tailgate is the porta-potty.  Yes you read that correctly...the porta-potty.  Why? You might ask. Well it is simple.  The potty is only for the women who are apart of the “tailgate”.  Since we paid for it when the parking lot space was rented it is “ours”.  Nice thing is, we do not have to take care of it when we are done using it!!!  So do you know how valuable a potty is?  Very.  Everyone was stopping by wanting to “join” us!!! We are so cool!!!

The day started out chilly but warmed up.  Nice thing the sun was out the whole time.  We donned our new sweatshirts to stay nice and warm and they worked wonderfully.  We also got a lot of compliments from them...unless you are a Spartan fan; they still liked them until they got to the end. 

We had endless amounts of yummy food, including 8lbs of chicken wings.  All 3 grills were going for a good 2 hours.  Smalls is a wonderful cook and his wings and potato salad were a big hit.

chicken wings
potato salad

Game time was at 1:08 (yes really 08).  We did not buy tickets before because we cannot wrap our heads around the inflation of opening day.  Here is an example--We are going to the game on Sunday...the price of our tickets is $16/ticket so $38.  The same seats in the same section were $90/ticket so $180.  Sorry but no we will wait till after the first pitch and pay a lower fee.  I would say if the money was going to the actual Tigers then maybe, but it is not, it is going to people who buy a butt-load of tickets and then inflate them at 600%.  Sorry this poor schoolteacher just can’t afford that in her budget, nor would I want to.

So as Smalls and I are standing outside Comerica Park, discussing our “next move”, a nice gentleman walks by and asks if we need tickets...Why, yes we do sir how much?  His response “Oh I don’t know $10, $20”.  WAIT!!! Excuse me, let me clear the wax out of my ears...Did you just say $20?  Hold the freakin phone.  YES!!! Yes we will take those tickets off of your hands, thank you very much.  You wanna know how nice he was?  He walked with us to the gate just to make sure they would get us in and then we paid him!!! Oh boy, the baseball gods were with us today!!!  Wish I would have gotten his name and address; I would like to send him a thank you.

 And to top it off, the Tigers came out with a “W”.  Their first for home games this season.  I love it when we win, but I love it even more when we beat the Yankees.  Sorry to all of my New York peeps out there.  

GO Tigers!!!


P.S. I will post the recipe for our potato salad tomorrow

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