Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh Happy Day!!!

What a nice improvement ...

Oh happy joy joy!!! It is officially the start of spring break!!!  I can’t believe how excited I am to sit on my ass and do pretty much nothing the next 11 days!!! Usually I get bored with days off but these last few weeks have been hard and I could use this break.  I do have some exciting things planned…officially changing my name, doing some new pinspiration arts & crafts, sleeping in and of course Tiger’s baseball!!!

The weather is getting nicer, which is AWESOME!!!  Practically all of the snow is gone and the dead grass is becoming exposed.  Now I am just waiting for the trees to bud.  

My favorite thing of today besides 3:53 was the sun coming out and staying out all day and my mint Oreo Blizzard!!!  A huge thanks goes out to Dr. Highfield’s 4th grade class for earning Blizzards and the staff taking part in their good behavior!!! Whoot whoot!!!  Hope everyone had a great day also.


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  1. I really enjoyed my Blizzard!! Enjoy your time off crafting!