Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's Day

Well it’s St. Patrick’s Day and the sun was out but it was freezing!!! We went downtown to enjoy the festivities but it was to crowded inside and to chilly out.  We were in a conundrum.  So we hightailed it out of there and went to a local brewery and had some beers and wings.  Smalls and I are both not Irish so this is about as festive as we get!!! Plus green was very hard to find in our closets but we somehow came out okay since we didn’t get pinched!!!

I would have to say my favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day is being able to eat Lucky Charms for a few days (since I eat a bowl or more almost everyday).  What is even more exciting is that spring is almost here, which is FANTASTIC!!! One of my favorite seasons and let me tell you why…warmer weather, flowers, longer days, and of course DETROIT TIGERS BASEBALL!!!  Well I hope everyone had the luck of the Irish with them.


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