Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Behind the Couch Table

So scrolling endlessly through Pinterest, I kept coming across this pin from Where North Met South of a faux sofa table.  Well up here in the north..or maybe the Midwest, we at the Bohlen house like to call it a behind the couch table.  So I showed Smalls the post, convinced him we (more him) that we could pull this fun project off!!!  He agreed!!! So our first adventure in DIYing is off and running.

(Smalls @ Home Depot w/ our new table..well sort of)

So we bring the wood home and get right to work with staining, and a little bit more of staining, and more, and more, my God how much freakin stain does this wood need?!?

Finally it is dry enough to screw together.  After a few “L” brackets and screws…it was standing upright.  Well sort of…see the wood (2x9s) kind of have dips and waves and just plain imperfections.  So after we slammed it up against the wall with the couch in front of it, we were good to go!!!



We were both pretty proud how it turned out.  Never, ever doing anything like this in my life and Smalls having some experience in it, we worked together to make our home “our” home.  If you would like the info on how it was put together, please visit Natalie over at Where North Met South to see how she did it.  So now that the table is up and running, we have come into problem!!! Where does my blanket now go since it can no longer hang off of the back of the couch?  Time for a new project!!! : )


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