Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day Of Spring Only By The Date!!!

Spring has sprung everywhere else in the states except Michigan!!!  

It was another blissfully cold day here with warming temps of 30 degrees.  Luckily the kids got to go outside and play today, the wind chill must have been at the right temperature.  It is sad to think that a year ago it was hanging out in the 80s

The only positive I can take away from today is that our lakes are filling, the fish will get a good drink, our apples will make the best pie next fall, and our Riesling will be at it’s sweetest.  I would have to say we could use a “cooler” summer so maybe this late bloom season will help with lower humidity and beautiful 75 degree, sunny days.  Here is to some positive thinking.  I tried to welcome spring with a pop of color and it did put me in a happier mood.

Also I have to add that our secretary got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her husband.  You want to know why?  It is because it was the first day of spring!!! He does this every year for her.  A little more happiness to this blah day.  Well happy spring everyone!!!


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