Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blanket Ladder

So as I said at the end of my “Behind the Couch” post, that putting a table behind the couch interfered with the blanket I had draped over it.  Well first I need to preface this with I live in a very old farmhouse, and we seem to have very COLD winters here in Michigan.  It is crazy expensive to heat my 1890 home to a comfortable setting, so we bundle up to save on the heating bill.  My blanket is a MUST for me to stay sane over the cold months of November-May (seriously it always snows in April).  I have a nice brown leather chair that I could drape the blanket on but I wanted a change, something new.  Needless to say I wanted to do another fun project with Smalls that would add to our home.  So off I went on a Pinterest search to find exactly what I was looking for.  Then a few hours later one day I found my inspiration!!! From DIY Home, there it was!!! A ladder for my blanket!!! 

So off to Home Depot, Smalls and I go again to buy more stuff (wood, wood glue, drill bit, etc.) luckily we still had stain left from the couch table that we just used that.  So making a ladder seems like an odd thing to make, but we seemed to get through it pretty harmlessly.  After some measuring, drilling, a little bit more drilling, gluing and nailing we had constructed a ladder!!! Who would’ve thunk!!! 

So we let it sit for a day or 5 (I had to go back and teach my sweet little pumpkins).  Then we got to staining…I am going to officially say I HATE staining!!! A ladder is a very hard thing to stain when you do not have the appropriate materials to work with.  So on our hands and knees we went staining, letting it dry, flipping it over, staining, letting it dry, flipping it over, and on and on and on. After the very tedious process it was done but sticky, WTF?!? So more drying time and then it was finally done, whoot whoot!!! Again we had the same problem with the wood not being straight so the ladder leans or is slightly crooked but who the hell cares!!! It is supposed to be an antique ladder and we made it not a machine!!!  Best part the ladder only cost us about $20!!! I even got to get some new blankets, because one just wasn't going to do the ladder justice!!!

So thanks again to DIY Home for the awesome idea!!!


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