Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY - From Pennies to EAT

So this winter we got a LOT of snow/mud/ice days in our district.  We are allowed 6 days and that’s what we used.  After April 1st we get to use more, but I am done with adjusting my lesson plans!!! Now coming off of an almost 2 week Holiday break and with a couple other days off such as MLK and Presidents day the 6 (snow/mud/ice) days we got because of Mother Nature, made me a bit stir-crazy.  I know that this is psycho talk but when your husband has to go to work, you don’t have any children of your own to entertain and all of your friends still have to report; you begin to do loopy things. Cleaning the house can get old, fast!!! So I decided to scroll Pinterest for something…not sure what, though.  

After hours of scrolling and scrolling I came across this this.  OMG!!! What an awesome idea for a fun DIY art project.  Plus my dining room was the perfect place to hang something like this.  So off to Jo-Ann Fabrics I go.  I got 8” Paper Mache letters in E, A, T, copper acrylic paint, a 1” brush, E-6000 Quick Hold glue and Krylon semi-gloss finishing spray. Then it was to the couch cushions to find pennies.  In total I needed 200 pennies.

Now how do I go about making this fun craft… I pretty much followed exactly what Rebecca said to do from the The Crafted Sparrow step by step.  The paint process only took about an hour to dry and the layout of pennies on each letter about 20 minutes.  So in total I finished this whole project in just a few hours!!! I gave it an extra spray the next morning just to make sure those copper pennies wouldn’t fall off. 

Now that it was done, I needed to hang it.  Hmmm… well I can’t nail it, so now what?  Then all of a sudden a TV add came on for Command Strips and the light bulb went off. So off to the drug store I go.  I place those babies on and I made sure I got the heavy duty ones just to be safe.

Next stop was to my dining room to hang!!! Super easy, super fun and I have to say it looks good in there.  What do you think?

Thanks again to Rebecca at The Crafted Sparrow for the wonderful idea.


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