Thursday, May 2, 2013

What a life...

I am so jealous right now!!!  I leave this morning with the sun shining and a nice warm temp heating our state.  My oldest cat Fiona curled up right on our bed right when I got done making it!!!  She spent the whole night out trying to catch mice and other furry creatures.  This was her first night out since the weather turned bad and I think she was worn out!!! The reason I think this, is because she was in the same spot when I got home today.  What a life!!!

My Fiona girl is a great mouser.  Heck she is not only a great mouser but also, flying squirrel and rabbit catcher!!!  My favorite was when she dropped a rabbit in my kitchen at 6:00 a.m. last summer!!!  Luckily I was upstairs and Smalls got to deal with the mess.  I have to say she was the best rescue I have ever done!!!

Well anyways back to why I am writing this random post...I would have loved to lay in bed all day letting the sun soak through the skylights.  BUT no I had to go teach my little pumpkins all day instead.  I would have to say they are being pretty good for this time of year and weather.  I only had 1 playground fight today!!! Yippie!!!  Monday we head to Indian Springs Metro Park for a field trip to learn about the life cycle of the frog. Ribbit.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather.

Either one looks good so I will take it.  We do get a day off tomorrow (furlough day) so maybe I will spend it just like Fiona.  Or...maybe I will craft something.  Anyone in need of a tutu?  Just let me know : D And sorry for another random post.


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