Friday, May 3, 2013

Stories from the Streets!!!!

Today is Friday, yippie!!!  Friday also means that it is trash day in our neck of the woods.  I got the day off so I was able to do my run in the morning (which is my favorite time of day to run).  Now you know the old saying “do not air out your dirty laundry”...well we should watch our trash too.  Its amazing the stories these curbsides tell.  This is what one of the things that makes running so fun.

So now the stories for today...

The first recycling bin I come upon is filled to the brim with empty water bottles.  Someone in that house is thirsty!!!  I mean this thing was practically over flowing!!!  So glad they are downing one of my favorite drinks but come on people!!!  Ever heard of a Brita and a  CamelBak?  Trust me the water tastes wonderful.  Our house and theirs drinks the same water, heck I even brush my teeth with it!!!  How about we save the planet and reuse.  I do want to say thanks for recycling though!!!


Okay now this is when the garbage men need to make sure they get everything into their truck!!!  As I am running along I see unpackaged prophylactic.  Well lucky them and whoot whoot for being careful. I can tell you I sure did not want to see that thing lying about. I decide to keep moving forward watching where I step (a girl can never be to careful).  Then I come across IT...a pregnancy test stick!!!  Well obviously the condom and stick come from two different households. I didn’t take the time to read if it was positive or not.  I pretty much just moved into the middle of the road where I would be safe.

Now I see these today, I see them everyday. Those would be returnables, cans and bottles. If I carried a bag with me I am guessing I would make about a $1.00 a run.  Take that $1 times at least one run a day and I would be banking!!!  To bad I like to run with my hands free and the pockets on my shorts are only big enough for my iPod or key.

I turn the corner to go on the beloved back roads of hills and dirt.  I see more cans, which I run by with a quick glance.  I go up a hill, then down it, up another and down that one.  Wave hi to Kid Rock’s driveway and keep trucking along...then I see flashing lights.  Okay so flashing lights mean something important is ahead and to take caution.  Well my 6 mile/hour pace is not going to be a problem for caution.  It is tractor and it has just dumped a pile of dirt and it is dragging it out on the road.  YES!!! My feet and tires thank you right now!!!  I love when the roads get grated and today I get to see it first hand.  I even stop to let the man driving the tractor by while I go forward.  We give a friendly wave to one another.  Then right before I turn around I see it again, I have been seeing it for 3 weeks now, a For Sale sign.  I wonder why it is up.  I thought they just moved in back in the fall and about 5 weeks ago they were building up their porch by adding new posts.  Sad to see them go (I don’t know who they are).  Maybe they didn’t like all of the randoms lying on the side of the road?

I have to say that out of the many joys of being a runner this is one of them.  The unexpected things I see.  I am hoping next week the garbage men take a little more time and make sure everything gets into the back of their truck.  I am getting excited for my next run which is a week away!!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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  1. You almost make me want to take up running. Almost.......