Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer's Best Friend!!!

So the sun is out, it is warming up, school is almost done, pools will open soon, boats are being launched, campgrounds are taking reservations, baseball is in full swing and it is time for those pesky, annoying, things to start popping out everywhere you go!!! Welcome to Michigan!!!

Yes that is right, I am talking about construction barrels!!!  Every year we see them and they are like a rash that never goes away, or a head cold that lasts for 3 months.  They make us late for work, give us road rage, and raise our taxes somehow!!!  See we live in a state that makes cars, hence the name The Motor City and we do not offer mass transit like our fellow neighbors (i.e. Chicago).  All of us Michiganders have to drive to where we want to go and these barrels are real pain!!!

See how they are sitting so nice a quietly off to the side right now?  Well in a few weeks days they will be blocking 2 lanes on a 3-lane highway.  The best part about it is that they are on every major highway in our state!!!  I am guessing that when Smalls and I have to drive up the U.P. in a few weeks we will see a dozen sections of these barrels and probably go through 4 construction sites.  Oh I forgot to mention we will only be on I-75 the whole time!!!

So here is my friendly reminder to all of my drivers out there...get your break pads changed, stay off your phone, SLOW DOWN, put your windows down, turn your music up and enjoy the ride!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!


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