Saturday, May 11, 2013

Color Me Happy!!!

Sorry I have been M.I.A. this week...but it has been a busy one!!!  I had lots of meetings and other mundane stuff that would have put you to sleep if I would have wrote about it.

Now that it is the WEEKEND I can share some exciting adventures with you.  Well not really adventures but an adventure.  Today Smalls and I got to start our season of running/racing off with an explosion of COLOR!!!  We woke up at the butt crack of dawn to drive back to my old college stomping grounds.  It was cool to be back running the streets of Eastern Michigan University.  I was lucky enough to run for Eastern back in my day so today brought back some fun memories of the girls and I.

However today was a bit different than my normal EMU track uniform.  I was sporting some Nike leggings, The Color Run 2013 t-shirt, The Color Run headband and my DIY tutu in white.  

The whole purpose of today was to start out bleach white and come home looking like a tie-dyed human.  As The Color Run likes to say “Completely Colored Willy Wonka Goodness”.  So how do you think I did?

Smalls actually went swimming in the colors (I am being literal here guys).

We had a blast jogging/walking/laying on the ground at all of the color stations.  Here is a look at how we colorfied ourselves from beginning to end.

The finish line party was the best post-race party I have been to.  They had music, free giveaways and of course COLOR!!! 

We danced, got a free t-shirt (thank goodness Smalls is 6’4) and colored ourselves crazy.

When it was time to leave we went to breakfast in town and that was a fun decision.  So many other color runners thought the same thing and it made the restaurant a colorful place to eat.  The sink was my favorite since everyone had to wash the color off of their hands before they ate their grub.  When breakfast was over, we became a bit sad...

We now have to wait 365 days until we can do it again : (

But that’s okay because I got some exciting news yesterday...I got into the ING NYC Marathon!!!  I have some big training to do since this is a BIG one for me.  My plan is to run one in every state and I have done 7 so far, but New York is on the Bucket List for me.  I only have 176 more days!!!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.


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