Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smokin Yummy!!!

Okay it is now time to take the batteries out of your smoke detectors...because it is going to get hot in here!!!  Who doesn’t love blackened fish?  So trying to stay semi healthy we got some tilapia and blackened the H E double hockey sticks out of it (go Wings).  

Here you go...
First you will need a cast iron pan that is super hot (to hot to touch).  I would say about 5 minutes should do it.  On the side, super season your fish with blackened seasoning.  Then toss that baby into your pan and cook the heck out of it for about 2 minutes a side (depending on the thickness of your fish).  My favorite thing to say now is...that’s it!!!  How easy peasy is that?

So you see that asparagus that is sitting so quietly on the plate?  Well that is some damn yummy asparagus and its picture does not do it justice.  I got the recipe for this asparagus many years ago when I used to look at magazines.  I had a subscription to Runner’s World for many years and saw it in there one day.  Me being me I of course had to try it and add my own flair to it.  It is pretty simple and pretty good.  Just heat some oil up in a pan add the asparagus and cook till al dente.  Then drain the oil and add onion and garlic seasoning and Parmesan cheese.  That’s it.

We also added some wild grain rice to give us a starch but that just came from a box (holding my head in shame).  

To compliment the meal we had ourselves a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio.  All I can say is "2 Buck Chuck" makes a nice bottle of wine for $2.99!!!  Thank you Trader Joe’s!!!  Hope everyone is having a good week!!!



  1. Looks good!!! I'm just now getting into wine. Is this one a sweet wine? I like Moscato.

    1. Kathie, it is very good!!! I am not sure if they have any sweet whites but they have some nice dry reds and whites. This particular wine is dry. Let me know if you want to take a trip to Trader Joes ; )