Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1,2,3, Ducks

As we get closer and closer to the end of the school year and the start of the summer, I need to begin getting my ducks in a row...


So far my few plans include:
-picking up the new puppy
-training for the NYC marathon
-writing the first grade math curriculum

Yep those 3 things are all I have planned.  I know my training will be a daily event but it should only consume an hour or two at the most. The new 4-legged friend will keep my on my toes and not allow me to take catnaps during the day. Then there is my mind that will be buzzing with addition, subtraction, fact families, skip counting, etc. but that’s it. That is all the excitement I have.  I am so lame!!!  Last summer I had a wedding I was in, bachelorette parties, 10 days in D.C., packing up and moving my classroom (again), and marathon training.  This summer is looking a bit dismal. 


I am sure the days will change when I have children to take care of and play with but until then it is just “ME” time.  So I have some goals and I feel if I say them out loud (or write them on the blog) then I will actually have to attempt them.

Goal #1 – read the piles of books I have sitting around (maybe 2-3 a month)
Goal #2 – do 2 fairly big DIY Pinspiration projects for the house
Goal #3 – organize the basement
Goal #4 – help my friend Josie out with the Clean Eating Summer Challenge Games (I can get a bit competitive) **I will share more info about this soon


So what are your goals for the summer?  Do you have anything good planned that you could share?  I am all ears and would love some fun ideas.  Hope everyone is having a great week.


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  1. Swimming, swimming and more swimming. And coming over to your house to play with your puppy!!